V-surface lifting equipment competition

Many beautiful women will regularly take facials or other facial treatments to keep their skin firm. The technology of beauty equipment is changing with each passing day. From the ordinary hand facial, it has gradually developed to the emergence of ultrasonic machines. Recently, the more popular instruments are Thermage and Doublo-S HIFU.

We compare the recently popular instruments: Thermage and Doublo-S HIFU are different from other HIFU instruments!

1. Technology

Thermage uses a single high-energy radio frequency (RF) to slowly penetrate the skin’s bottom layer through the epidermis, causing inflammation in the bottom layer of the skin. Because the body has a self-repair function, it absorbs damaged cells through its own immune system and makes collagen to proliferate. This achieves the effect of lifting and reducing wrinkles.

HIFU is a high-energy focused ultrasound technology that directly penetrates the SMAS fascia layer between the skin and muscles without going through the epidermis, and uses the same principle to increase collagen and achieve the effect of lifting and reducing wrinkles.

2. Effect

Thermage and HIFU have similar principles and effects. Both stimulate the proliferation of collagen at the bottom of the skin to achieve a firming effect on the skin. However, the lifting effect of Doublo-S HIFU is better, and the effect can be maintained for a longer period of time, which can be as long as a year and a half. The HIFU treatment can only last for half a year.

3. Side effects

The Thermage treatment is painful because its heat needs to penetrate through the epidermis to deepen the skin. Therefore, the course of treatment must be managed by a doctor, and they usually use anesthetics or anesthetic creams to reduce pain. As the HIFU ultrasonic technology has the effect of “beating the cattle”, there will be no surface trauma after the treatment, and only a little redness and swelling.

4. Price

The Thermage treatment will be more expensive because a doctor will take part in the procedure. Thereforethe price of HIFU will be more popular.

HIFU can accurately improve the subcutaneous structure that supports the skin from deep to shallow, and helps collagen self-generate. Over time, the skin will gradually tighten and lift naturally, effectively firming, removing wrinkles, reducing wrinkles, lifting contours, and activating collagen. HIFU is a non-invasive and safe treatment that does not require surgery, and does not require a recovery period after the treatment. Activities can be done as usual. Compared with Thermage, the energy of HIFU is deeper, and the energy of facial treatment can reach 4.5mm deep, so it can play the role of collagen in the deep tissues, and the degree of pain is greatly reduced. Of course you have to choose Doublo-S HIFU, over the other domestic HIFU!

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