Relaxation treatment・Relieves spring sickness

In the spring, due to there being rain, the humid air will cause different types of diseases, and the high humidity in the air will accelerate the growth of the virus. Then the air will be mixed with evil. If the body’s righteousness (immunity) is weak, the evil will invade the body and induce diseases. Everyone should enhance the body’s righteousness and improve immunity.

There is an old saying: “East wind is born in spring, and the disease is in the liver.” If the liver system is invaded by wind in spring, it will cause “head wind.” The cause of migraine is that when such an evil wind enters the body, it affects the flow of the liver meridians, causing problems in the liver meridians. As a result, the qi in the liver meridian is blocked (qi stagnation), and the meridian may be blocked. It is precisely because the liver meridian starts to run from the first two, when the Qi is stagnant or in stasis, it will cause pain, and even make people feel unhappy. They will have annoying, poor or pale complexions, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to clear the meridian, activate the collaterals, soothe the liver and regulate the qi. Drive away the wind evil, and firstly reduce the pain.

Spring is a good detox season. Doing a good job of detoxification can reduce the chance of getting sick and keep you healthy! If you want to detoxify your body properly, you must first unblock the body’s various meridians to help eliminate toxins from the body, soothe the liver, improve circulation, make the body’s blood flow smooth andunobstructed,. Then you will naturally stay away from diseases, and the body will definitely be healthy!

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