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Blanc-B peptide whitening needle

The Blanc B peptide whitening needles help your body to resist pigmentation, effectively inhibit the transfer of melanocytes to the keratinocytes on the surface, accelerate the degradation of melanosomes, and repair skin damaged by sunlight. The whole course of treatment is simple, just 2 injections , Blanc B peptide whitening needle can achieve obvious whitening effect.

The Blanc B peptide whitening injection has EU certification. Experiments have also proved that the whitening effect of Blanc B is more effective than generally recognised and commonly used whitening ingredients such as arbutin and ferulic acid.

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The main ingredient

Tyrosinase  Tyrosinase: Tyrosinase is the speed restriction enzyme process of melanin. The skin cells produce melanin have a great influence. Thus, tyrosine inhibitors ( Tyrosinaseinhibitor ) slow this synthetic pathway, reducing the production of melanin and is considered to have a skin whitening effect.

Ferulic acid: Ferulic acid in the skin melanin affects the activity of structurally related tyrosine, it is possible to prevent the formation of melanin and protect the skin from ultraviolet UVB damage.

Arbutin is a whitening ingredient, hydroquinone (Hydroquinone) modifier which can prevent the activation of tyrosinase, block enzyme activity, inhibit melanin production, and achieve a whitening effect.

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Treatment Efficacy

facial treatment

Whitened and even skin tone

plastic surgery 01

Helps to repair wrinkled skin caused by exposure to light


Makes skin more radiant

hand cream

Moisturising and sun screen

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