Collagen Spontaneous Girl Needle

Reverse age. Reshape contours

Ellanse girl needle is imported from the Netherlands. The main ingredient is 30% polycaprolactone (PCL), plus a 70% biodegradable material gel carrier (CMC), these two ingredients can continue to stimulate collagen self-generation. The treatment instantly fills the sunken areas of the skin, such as tear grooves, tiger lines, wrinkles, temples, etc., and exerts an instant filling and shaping effect so that the skin can regain fullness. After a while, CMC will be naturally absorbed by the human body, and then PCL will exert its effects to stimulate collagen proliferation continuously. lift the skin, and maintain the firmness and elasticity of the skin like a young girl.

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Treatment advantage

  • Patented technology: Ellanse’s exclusive patented STAT technology induces the regeneration of high-quality collagen and creates a firm V-shaped face.
  • Immediate results: There is no waiting period after the injection of Ellanse , providing immediate light-age plump and wrinkle-stripping and wrinkle-removing effects.
  • High safety: Ellanse has obtained FDA and European Union CE safety certification as a filler that can be completely absorbed by human metabolism; Ellanse won the European Best Innovative Technology Award for Skin Injections in 2011 .
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Effectiveness of treatment


Smooth wrinkles

facial treatment 1

Improve contours

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Tighten skin and resolve muscle laxity


Improve facial sagging

dermal filler

Improve aging around the eyes


Reduce tear troughs

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