Laser hair removal strategy

Tired of using a razor, beeswax or tongs to remove excess exposed hair? Have skin problems such as folliculitis and hair inversion?

You should consider laser hair removal!

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a treatment that effectively controls hair growth. It is not the same as electrocautery, which requires treatment one by one. Each laser can deal with multiple hairs. The melanin or brown pigment inside the hair follicle absorbs laser energy, and this energy is converted into heat, which then destroys the hair follicle. Since the hair may be in a different growth cycle, it may require multiple treatments to have a long-lasting effect.

After watching laser hair removal, lets compare it with IPL hair removal!

IPL hair removal

IPL is a powerful pulsed light, which can be used to reduce hair growth, stains on the skin, microfilament blood vessels, etc. This optical technology is a medical-grade technology. If used improperly, it may burn the skin and even leave scars.

The principle of IPL hair removal is to reduce the hair growth of skin hair follicles through IPL. However, IPL hair removal is not permanent hair removal. It should be done regularly every month to maintain the effect. Before and after IPL hair removal, you cannot bask in the sun, do beeswax and scrub, etc which may lead to dermatitis!

Laser hair removal is more durable and safer than IPL hair removal, so it is better to choose laser hair removal! But there are many different types of laser hair removal machines, which ones should I choose? Wait for the editor to tell you one by one!

1. Freezing Technology

Freezing technology is the key to painless laser hair removal. The temperature of the hair follicles will drop due to ice application, preventing the hair follicles from absorbing high energy, so the hair follicles are eliminated and the hair removal effect will be affected! The best laser hair removal freezing method is the built-in intelligent cooling technology. The time, amount and temperature are all calculated by the computer. “It is sprayed to the epidermis in seconds in the form of atomisation, and will not stay on the skin for a long time, so it will not cause frostbite. The skin and cooling hair follicles will not affect the effect of laser hair removal.”

2. Instrument head

It depends on the size of the hair removal position and the size of the machine head. The thin handpiece (12mm) has a small gap between each bottom, the effect can be very detailed, but if there is a hair removal centre, use a large head, which is fast and straight, the hair removal is as careful as dressing up, but it is too fast. When using a large handpiece, the gap between each laser shot is relatively large, and the chance of missing is quite high. If the therapist is not careful enough to repeat each laser shot, it will burn the skin easily.

Ice sensation painless laser hair removal

The 808nm wavelength laser penetrates into the deep layer of the dermis and the subcutaneous fat tissue. The freezing point cooling technology can effectively reduce the epidermal temperature before, during and after the laser irradiation, so that the treatment and cooling can be performed simultaneously. The melanin tissue of the hair follicle absorbs laser energy and destroys the melanin tissues such as hair follicles and hair shafts. At the same time, it uses the principle of thermal energy diffusion to destroy the tissues that support the stem cells around the hair follicles, which fundamentally prevents hair regeneration and achieves a long-lasting hair removal effect.

  • The special sapphire freezing system, coupled with powerful water cooling, keeps the treatment head at the optimal freezing temperature of -4°C during the operation to cool the epidermis and instantly soothe the skin.
  • Minimise the pain caused by photothermal blasting in the cortex during hair removal, and reduce the chance of skin burns due to laser treatment
  • According to different types of hair and skin colour, targeted hair removal treatment
  • There is no discomfort during the treatment process, and at the same time, painless hair removal treatment can be achieved safely and significantly.

Laser hair removal treatment is not the same as facial hair removal. It is better to do more. Laser hair removal uses high energy to eliminate hair follicles to solve hair problems. The fewer times you can achieve complete results, the first is the most effective!

Freezing Point Painless Laser Hair Removal Treatment uses FDA-approved Perfect Light with a wavelength of 808nm, which is the most effective for hair removal. Its semiconductor laser hair removal system can safely and effectively penetrate into the hair follicle, destroy the growth structure of the hair follicle, and the hair removal effect is remarkable. The first experience price of any one large part and one fine part is only $98 (original price starting at $2,800)! Register now!

The first experience price of any one large part and one fine part is only $98 (original price starting at $2,800)! Register now!

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