Feminine Shape treatment

Deeply-rooted in traditions, the maintenance of female shape is often neglected. Therefore, it is often too late when the body is ailing! Many years of research in the medical field has found a method of health preservation for women, combined with modern medical theories and oriental traditional health preservation secrets. Only non-invasive treatments are used to stimulate female parts and pass into the center through nerves, thereby causing women to secrete their own hormones. The release of estrogen and progesterone can effectively regulate the balance of female functions and greatly reduce the chance of pathological changes. After years of research by medical scientists, female characteristic maintenance may be one of the most effective treatments for preventing and improving female gynecological problems at this stage.


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Lymph is one of the main metabolic pathways of the human body. Before dredging the breast glands, the lymphatics must be dredged to help expel toxins and enhance immunity. Using detoxification techniques, massage on the nipple, skin, and lymphatics to remove the toxins through the lymph.

Dredge conditioning

The use of meridian acupoints and five-sensory therapy to unblock the blocked breast glands can help regulate women’s endocrine, and it can also help maintain the balance of the meridians and internal organs.

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Shape breasts to become more three-dimensional

Combining the first two stages, using female maintenance equipment and the unique techniques of professional masseurs, massage along the meridians, combined with equipment treatment can improve the blood circulation of the breast tissue, and create a better shape. The treatment unblocks the lymphatic area, helps detoxify, and makes the breasts more elastic, lifted and plumped. While hormone secretion is maintained at its best balance point, ladies can show their feminine side with confidence.




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